Payment Across the globe just got easier

We remove complexities from business to individual payments whilst introducing you to fast, cost-effective international payments with greater transparency. QQPay’s attractive FX rates will further help you save big. Our digital technology driven platform is easy to use and yet provides you the control on payment flexibility.

QQ Pay’s motto “Quick & Quicker” has always been in the mind of all its staff in serving you right from start to end.

Send money from anywhere, anytime‚Äč

We remove all complexities from business payments and introduce you to fast, cost-effective cross-border payments.

Our attractive FX rates and low fees will help you save big. Our simple platform will seamlessly integrate with your business and provide you with real-time visibility of your payments.

We can help you manage cross-border payments to your suppliers and customers by removing all complexities and introduce you to fast, cost effective cross border payments.

Payment Solution On The Go

Fast Transfer

Cross Border Payment On Real Time Basis.

Attractive Rates

Low fees and great exchange rates with no hidden charges.

Safe & Reliable

Industry-leading technology that moves millions annually.

Global Presence

Working with financial institutions & service providers located worldwide.

Mobility 24/7

Your money gets transferred while you are on-the-go.

Save Time

Skip queues while you stay safe at your own convenience..

Sending & recieving money abroad just got easier

Available in more than 100 countries, we allow you to send and receive funds in multiple currencies. Our goal is to always charge as little as possible so you send more to your beneficiaries studying abroad.

Shopping through overseas online stores made convenient

Avoid sneaky bank exchange rate markups and high foreign transaction fees. If you’re shopping online, always choose to pay in the currency of the country you’re buying from. Avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion fees and receive instant notifications when you spend.

Travel anywhere with a peace of mind

Never run out of cash and miss experiences when you are exploring places. Use QQPay and transfer money from your local account to over 100 different countries, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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Global support for your assistance

We don’t do complicated, automated systems. We have offices around the world, and we’re here to help you whenever you need it. Email us at for any inquiries.